The Importance of End of Lease Cleaning

End of lease cleaning is crucial so that at the time of the inspection you receive your money back. This cleaning must follow real estate standards and be carried out according to the cleaning checklist from the end of the lease contract.

With so many things to do when you are moving, cleanliness is the last thing you want to worry about. Let us take care of that! We guarantee an impeccable end of lease cleaning so you can get your bond back! We handle from vacuuming, dusting and sweeping to removal of stains, fungi, bacteria, etc. Perth Vacate Cleaning always use the right equipment and special products to handle each type of service.

If you’re looking for a team of highly reliable professionals who will ensure a specialized end of lease cleaning, you should definitely call us at Perth Vacate Cleaning.

We’ll leave your home or company sparkling in a way you’ve never seen before.

We are providing quality end of lease cleaning in Adelaide, and we guarantee your Bond back cleaning deposit return within one week. We have a skilled team and training which will help to move out or move in cleaning.

  • Save your free time and enjoy a shiny home.
  • Save money on our seasonal discounts.
  • We are fully skilled and equipped.
  • We have a dedicated mobile Vacate Cleaning Adelaide team.
  • Guaranteed to provide happiness to our customers.
  • Ceiling mould or marks cleaning is our major part of tenancy cleaning.
  • Our cleaning services include walls and windows.
  • We remove most creatures present on surfaces that can cause infection.