Benefit of a Clean Office

We at Bebrite know that first impression is important and your office means a lot to you. First time visitors will judge Your office appearance  and expect the same level of service based on what they have seen.  Our goal is to provide you with an affordable and completely clean office. A Comprehensive cleaning service  that can transform your productivity. Our Commercial cleaning services are reliable.

An office environment that is not clean will affect the moral of your workers. an office environment that is not clean  can easily lead to spread of germs. In some cases this can results in illness, absenteeism and can also affect your bottom line. Quality office cleaning actively improves the health of your workers and the hygiene of your office environment. With good planning, thorough consistent cleaning like the service Bebrite provides you can actively demonstrate to your workers that you care about their health and work environment.

Our Office Cleaners are thoroughly vetted and performance tested. Our Cleaners are rigorously trained, vetted, police Check, insured and five star rated. Our experienced Cleaners understands that your office appearance and  hygiene is a top priority and that is why we  strive for 100% satisfaction with every clean.

  • We customize our cleaning services according to your needs. Our priority is to identify our  your cleaning needs and tailor our service around those needs. That is the reason we guarantee 100% satisfaction for every clean.  Our approach is not one size fits all but careful attention to details make all the difference. We ensure that we carefully consider your specific needs from our first contact in order to ensure that nothing is missed and your expectations are meant and exceeded every time.
  • We also ensure that we only send reputable cleaners to your site (vetted with police certificate).  Our assigned cleaners are trained with appropriate skills and experience.
  • In addition to been vetted, we have full public liability insurance for all our cleaners for your peace of mind.
  • We keep in touch with you from time to time to ensure that we maintained our high standard of cleaning
  • Our cleaners received feedback from time to time to ensure that quality  of clean is maintained throughout. We have open communication with our cleaner and ensure that feedback are implemented in every clean.
  • We ensure that our cleaners receive ongoing training and are updated regularly on their performance.

There is nothing better than coming to a fresh, clean home with carpet free of dirt and grime. Carpet dust can impair the quality of air in your home, leading to a poor health environment. If not adequately controlled, dust mites can trigger allergic reactions (due to the microscopic waste products they excrete), especially in areas with a weak immune system.

If dust mites on your carpet are not adequately controlled, it can lead to sinusitis, itchy nose, Hay fever, Eczema, skin rashes, etc. This is one of the reasons every domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning services should include carpet cleaning as part of their package. Cleaning the surface of any living space is not enough but thoroughly cleaning the carpets is essential as you don’t want to compromise your health.